Perfume: Star Train – Single Review

اراء عن سينغل Perfume الاخير “STAR TRAIN”

Pon De Way Way Way

Is this lacklustre single enough to derail the J-pop trio’s tba fifth album or is it just another bump in the road?

Even before listening to Star Train I knew it was going to come up short. That’s not to say that my expectations of Perfume are ridiculously low, just that Star Train has big shoes to fill; both as a fifteenth anniversary single and a single that I’d hoped (as I’ve hoped with every single since Sweet Refrain) would end their patchy run post-Level 3. As a milestone release the A-Side almost succeeds: it strives for an epic sound and it manages to pull this off whilst still sounding like a Perfume track. It also continues the acoustic base that they adopted for Relax In The City and that continues to work for them (I’m glad Nakata can switch up their sound without simply giving…

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